Carbon Ceramic Brakes have many benefits over traditional cast iron brakes. From 50% or more in unsprung-weight reduction to faster stopping distances, this technology can be used in multiple industries from industrial transportation to high performance vehicles.

There are many differences between cast iron and carbon ceramic brakes. We like to categorize them into four primary advantages:

  1. Carbon ceramic brakes have almost no brake fade.

  2. More friction means better stopping power.

  3. There is roughly 50% in unsprung weight reduction for quicker turns and better gas mileage.

  4. Carbon ceramic brakes can last about four times longer than cast iron rotors.

Because the material of carbon ceramic is so much lighter than traditional iron discs, you actually have a small reduction in fuel costs every year. Not only is the weight reduction a key factor to reducing CO2 emissions, but the durability of the material increases the life of the rotor by 4 times, producing significantly less fine powders in the environment through wear and tear.


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